About Ten&Lee


A Yorkshire lass (lady) who has been living in London for over 14 years, with a love for the Caribbean. I fell in love with the Caribbean from a very young age going on annual vacations with my mother and father to visit their parents home islands Antigua & Barbuda and St. Kitts & Nevis. The food; culture; climate & people are amazing, especially the carnivals. If you have not been to a Caribbean island during their carnival season, you are missing out!

Meeting entrepreneurs and small business owners on a daily basis through my full time employment inspired me to follow through my own business idea, to launch an exclusive ethical swimwear range for women in summer 2016. Ten&Lee’s long term goals are to help the elder generation in the Caribbean with free medical care & to encourage more tourism to the Caribbean islands.

7 thoughts on “About Ten&Lee

  1. shelagh james says:

    Tenneka you are an absolute inspiration to young woman i am so very proud of your accomplishments and i know you will soar to greater heights. I wish you every success in your niche venture. Feeling emotional my daughter has arrived your hugest fan mummy xxxx

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  2. Ashford Wood says:

    Hello, it would be appreciated if you can change the dates for Vincy Mas 2018 that are on display on your site since they are incorrect. The correct dates are 29th June – 10th July. It would be also be greatly appreciated in the future that we be contacted before dates are being posted since this can cause confusion for our potential visitors.

    We would like to also thank you for promoting our festival.

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